Rose Marie Felsheim

“Rose Marie is very creative, she loves to color and draw!” was the assessment of my kindergarten teacher. I still love to color and draw. I was fortunate that no one told me to stop. You shouldn’t stop either.

Art is not just another learning tool. Art is learning. Our first awareness is touch and sound. The pitch of our world is from our mother’s voice. Her song is most soothing and her displeasure most irksome. We read the undulations of sound. Our first vision is used to understand face shapes as emotional expressions. This requires interpreting changing shapes. Peek-a-boo or hiding behind hands is the first and most universal baby game. We are teaching the baby to imagine what they cannot see. We use these tools the rest of our lives. Arts are for everyone!

Check able-arts for class ideas, contract teachers, curriculum development, art as a learning and bonding tool in business, and most of all art for fun!

“Make Your Own Treasure Box” has been the best seller at the various Holiday shows and sales this December. For only $10 you can give people something to make instead of something to break! The Treasure Boxes will be available at the East Side Arts Council Gallery by Dec. 17, or contact Rose for more information.